Rabu, 08 Agustus 2007

free cbox

Get a Cbox tagboard for your website or blog and let your visitors leave you messages or chat with each other. Getting started couldn't be easier – sign up, get your code, and start chatting!

Cbox gives your website an edge over the rest. It attracts visitors and keeps them coming back for more. It gives people with common interests a place to meet and chat – right on your own website!

And the best part... the Basic Cbox tagboard is absolutely free! But for the low fee of $2 per month, you can upgrade to Premium and enjoy even better service, while giving your visitors an even richer experience.

Here's what you get:

* Simplicity – easy to install, easy to use. Your Cbox is hosted by us, so there's no complicated setup. Once you're signed up, you're ready to go. Posting a message on your Cbox is easy too – just click and type.
* Security – Spam? Not on your Cbox, thanks to spam and flood protection. And if a guest acts inappropriately, a one-click ban will rescue you. Name reservation protects your regular visitors and encourages them to return.
* Customizability – give your Cbox the look you like. You can add your own smilies, or design your own color scheme with our point-and-click editing tools. Your Cbox can be fully customized in our intuitive and easy to use control panel.
* Scalability – your Cbox can handle literally tens of thousands of messages a day, bringing you live chat with dynamic autorefresh. And because it's all hosted by us, there's no additional resource usage on your own servers!
* No plugins required – Cbox doesn't need Java or Flash or any other plugins. It will work fine even on older browsers which don't support the latest technology.

See a chart of Cbox's most important features.


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